Smoking Accessories

Lighters & Torches

From fun, stylish BIC lighters, to authentic Zippo’s and elegant cigar torches, Vapors Smoke Shop keeps our lighter game on point!

We also carry lighter fluid refills (Ronsonol, Zippo brand) and butane (Power 5X, Vector, Newport. . .) for refillable lighters as well. Whether you need a cheap .50 cent light, or you’re looking for a new mini torch, drop on by and find the right lighter for you!

Some of the brands we carry:

  • Zippo (Made in USA)
  • Vector (Made in USA)
  • Newport
  • Zico
  • Scorch Torch
  • Joban

Looking for a great gift that will last a lifetime? How about an authentic US-made Zippo? Visit Vapors Smoke Shop to view our Zippo inventory. Updated monthly!