POD Systems

Juul Vaporizer and pods

Vapors Smoke Shop carries a wide variety of open (refillable) and closed (pre-filled) POD-based systems, including leading models & brands like JUUL, PHIX, Suorin, RUBI, Infinix, Pulse, and many others.

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Vape MOD's

Kangertech Kanger Vaporizers

Vapors Smoke Shop carries MOD’s manufactured by top industry brands such as SMOK, GeekVape, Aspire, Kangertech, Tesla, and others.

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Herbal Vapes

Herbal vaporizers are available in a variety of options; from desktop units to portables, and serve specific purposes like vaping herbal flowers and/or oils and wax concentrates, etc.

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Vape Cartridge Systems

With the popularity of vape cartridges ever-increasing, Vapors Smoke Shop carries a wide variety of batteries suited for use with essential oil cartridges. Whether you’re looking for a device to vape cartridges more discreetly, or a battery with a longer-lasting charge, our selection is catered to help you find the solution you’re looking for.

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Storz & Bickel

Since founded in 2002, Storz & Bickel was (and remains today) the undisputed leader of the herbal vaping industry.

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Vapir Prima

The Vapir Prima represents the gold standard in portable vaporizers; this dynamic device delivers a crisp, clean, and flavorful vapor stream from both fresh herbs and botanical extracts.

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Magic Flight Co.

Magic Flight Launch Box & Muad-Dib Vaporizers

Magic Flight is a manufacturer of herbal vaporizers based in San Diego, CA. They are best-known for their flagship model, the Magic Flight Launch Box.

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PAX 2 & 3

Paxlabs Pax2

Whether you're doing dry herb or concentrate, the PAX brand vapes has an herbal vape suitable for your needs. 

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