Juul Vaporizer and pods

Don't want to deal with bottles of e-liquids? Everything you need to get started in one package

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Herbal Vapes

Herbal vaporizers are available in a variety of options; from desktop units to portables, and serve specific purposes like vaping herbal flowers and/or oils and wax concentrates, etc.

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Vaped Vaporizers

Vaped is a Northern California-based manufacturer of herbal concentrate vaporizers. Popular Vaped models include the Micro Vaped Vaporizer, and the Glass Globe attachment, which they are attributed to inventing.

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Storz & Bickel

Since founded in 2002, Storz & Bickel was (and remains today) the undisputed leader of the herbal vaping industry.

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Vapir Prima

The Vapir Prima represents the gold standard in portable vaporizers; this dynamic device delivers a crisp, clean, and flavorful vapor stream from both fresh herbs and botanical extracts.

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Magic Flight Co.

Magic Flight Launch Box & Muad-Dib Vaporizers

Magic Flight is a manufacturer of herbal vaporizers based in San Diego, CA. They are best-known for their flagship model, the Magic Flight Launch Box.

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Paxlabs Pax2

The stunning new PAX 2 features a streamlined design with up to 30% higher battery capacity, a deeper oven chamber that heats evenly for optimal vapor, and it is 25% smaller and 10% lighter than the original PAX 1 vaporizer.

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